We boast the most active keynote speakers in the industry

The Coinify team takes the lead when it comes to the amount of participated events. We have acquainted thousands of participants at dozens of major international conferences with the disruptive potential of blockchain technology within payments, banking, finance, remittance and other sectors. Selected prominent events where Coinify went on stage include:

Money 20/20 Europe,  SEEDS,  Payments International, Future of Banking, Digital Winners and Merchants & Payments.

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Featured blockchain expert: Lasse Birk Olesen

Lasse Birk Olesen - blockchain expert

Lasse is Co-Founder and former Chief Product Officer at Coinify, as well as founder of Bitcoin Nordic and co-founder of BuyBitcoin.ph. He has consulted European and Asian government agencies on Bitcoin and blogged on digital currencies. You can learn more about Lasse from his profile under Coinify management section of our Team page.

Lasse specialises giving presentations to audiences composed of an array of professionals from banking, finance, remittance, retail and related industries at conferences specific to their respective interests, as well as private arrangements.

Watch Lasse's keynote on How blockchains are changing payments, finance, contracts, and more at Money 20/20 Europe:


We have more blockchain experts!

Our team consists of professionals, who have strong backgrounds with decades of experience in payments, software, e-commerce and compliance areas. This makes them valuable contributors for panel discussions in several topic areas, be it exchange, payments, remittance, regulation, politics, open source technologies, application of blockchain technologies ... To mention some of the blockchain expert participation's: our CEO Mark Højgaard discussed gaming & Bitcoin and our CFO Peter Norgaard discussed How does a blockchain company navigate in an unregulated environment?

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